Where We Take It

This has been a most difficult week. I’m sitting here in our home office, shivering because our furnace is dead (it is 13 degrees outside, 50 inside), preparing to go to work tomorrow where I’ve taken over for a colleague who very suddenly had a baby Tuesday (weeks and weeks early) and my days are filled with stress and uncertainty.

I’m so tired, it’s hard to think.

But I saw this at PostSecret this morning, and was just so comforted.


I’m not a religious person, and since 2006, I’m not even sure you can call me a spiritual person. But who knows? Perhaps even a cynical doubter like me is in line for a “reward.”

Doodle, I will see you there.


  1. Beverly says:

    I hope you can find some comforts in this rough time. You do deserve them. *squeeze*

  2. melly says:

    Here’s a warm hug all the way from Indiana: ((((((Meg))))) Hope that gives you a few minutes of warmth!

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