What/La Frusta e il Corpo (1963)

My Instagram Post 14 October 2019

This week inadvertently turned into grainy 80s VHS week. Here’s another!. This is a weird movie. But guess who’s back. Sir Christopher Lee! Going through my archives, I see I watched the full film back in 2014, but this is the cut for tv version I first saw around 1986 on an episode of Commander USA (USA Network’s quirky horror host). If you’re into Christopher Lee (with bangs!), or Mario Bava, or whips, you’ll dig this one. The very brief synopsis is that Lee, as dark and dangerous prodigal son, Kurt, returns to his ancestral home after being cast out for being involved in a suspicious death. He comes back to find his former fiancee married to his brother, and some serious shenanigans ensure. There are whips. The original Italian title was La Frusta e il Corpo – The Whip and The Body, so. It’s Bava, so it’s stylish and thick with atmosphere and pauses. I also really love a period piece where the women look intensely 60s – Hammer conditioning on an impressionable child. Really enjoyable.