The Horror of It All (1983)

My Instagram Post 04 October 2019

And so it begins.

After creating my own horror movie documentary (of sorts) last year, I thought why not explore all of the horror docs I can reasonably get my hands on for my marathon this year? As there is a metric ton of them readily available on Amazon, I’m good to go. So here we are, with a doc from 1984, narrated by the late, sonorous Jose Ferrer.

This was a very fun starter. I have to say, October 1 really snuck up on me and I wasn’t feeling ready. But I love an 80s documentary. They’re all stills before Ken Burns, and interviews, and chunky titles. This one gives us a younger Roger Corman (2), some folks from the early-80s era Haunted Mansion on the Long Branch, NJ boardwalk (3), and a ton of sort of surprising talking heads – John Carradine (so eloquent and dignified, I really love him), Gloria Stuart, even Robert Bloch who was a hoot – and it really got me in the mood.

Of note this year: I do find Amazon “box art” amusing, always. Especially for these sort of obscure titles, the art is sometimes a still from the piece, or VHS-era art which is usually pretty tacky/great. Or, as in this case, has nothing to do with the film at all — Klaus Kinski pictures here in Nosferatu (1979) did not show up in this doc, (4) but he would have been very welcome. A great start. I’m ready for a popcorn ball.

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