It just gets busier, you know?

I picked up two study books today for the math proficiency exam (though the school calls it Quantitative Reasoning. Nice). Actually, D picked them up for me in the non-fiction section while I browsed for books on tape on the other side of the library. They are excellent guides, though I’m a bit squiffy over the fact that someone filled in their solutions to the diagnostic pretest in one of them. They are in pencil, which is good, but if I erase them all, won’t I spend too much time looking at them?

The test is 7/25. I have two other proficiency exams this summer and one in September. If all goes well, I will have tested out of four classes/competencies by the time the fall quarter starts. And yes, I am taking a course this summer. It’s a required double credit hour (six total) class which will set the plan for the rest of the program. No pressure.

I thank you for your patience with my dropping in and out of sight during the end of the last quarter. I finished with a 4.0.

Want to know what books on tape I picked up? Keep in mind that they represent my only chance for leisure “reading” these days (except for the occasional comic book):

  • ‘Night, mother by Marsha Norman


  • ‘Teach yourself Norwegian by Margaretha Danbolt Simons


  • In my hands by Irene Gut Opdyke with Jennifer Armstrong


  • Full Exposure by Susie Bright


So how’s the new job, you ask. Oh lord. It was 95 yesterday when I was walking Lalo the hound mix. We were both ready to lie in the grass and never wake up after a while.

I love my coworkers.