Vacation was very, very nice. It almost seems like a dream now. We’ve been back for nearly two weeks, and D has been at a job site since the 1st. But though the memories are a touch hazy, I can tell you that while away I rediscovered my love for the following:

Rolling Waves



Sticky Peach Margaritas.


What more do you need, really?


  1. Beverly says:

    Oh pretty! Where did y’all head off to? I am so glad you enjoyed.

  2. Melly says:

    Love that pic of you enjoying yourself, gorgeousness!

  3. Weegiewench says:

    Nothing beats walking barefoot on the beach, huh?
    Keep blogging, girl – can’t wait to read all about your adventures in freelance writing. You’ve got what it takes.

  4. strawberry jelly says:

    What could be better?? booze and the beach!

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