Post Pox Update

It�s been a very different sort of week around here.

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First of all, the Dough For Kerry bake sale was more than amazing. We sold over two hundred baked items and made a whopping $1060 – holy crap! � all while spending the day meeting and talking with other ABBA fans (that’s Anyone But Bush Again). It was so inspiring, electrifying, and exhausting. A great day.

So Sunday, it was time to relax. But D wasn’t feeling well at all. He was running a moderately high temperature and was particularly concerned about the sudden appearance of a few red blisters on his arms and face. I helped keep him hydrated and warm; we thought it was probably the flu.

By Monday morning, though, we could see it was something more serious. D was coughing and feeling weak and miserable. He made an appointment to see the doctor as I decided whether I’d head to work or stay with him. When he pulled off his pajama top to get dressed, I gasped. His back and chest were covered in angry red hives. I decided I’d go with him. The kind doctor took one look at him and diagnosed Chicken Pox. Whoa.

So that was Monday and now it’s Saturday night. D hasn’t been able to leave the house since that trip to the doc’s office. For days he�s had a fever and a nagging cough, along with the miserable, painful, itching rash. I think we’re over the worst now, but the recovery is still going on. We’re both very tired. I miss touching him since for days even a gentle pat would make him wince. Our weekend plans to dog-sit Kate & Chuck’s Venus had to be abandoned since I couldn’t find an alternative plan. This was very disappointing for everyone.

But this time of need and nursing has had its upside. We’ve spent a lot of time together, enjoying something as simple activities like reading and napping. Every day we’ve found a million reasons to feel grateful for one another – for sweet nursing care, for unconditional love, for returning health.

I so like this boy I’ve married. Chicken Pox and all.

Ok, time for more twisted horror novels, slasher films, and fudge.


  1. Wil says:

    Florence Nightengale look out! It’s Lovely Nurse Meg! (strike a bold manga-pose here) I smile in the knowledge of how much D-San appreciates your care. Keep the green tea comin’!

  2. Tikka says:

    Hey there Megan. So sorry to hear that Derek has been under the weather (big time sick). Hope everyone is on the mend. I love your updates.


  3. Patsy Nevins says:

    My best wishes to both of you, Meg, I hope that Derek is feeling much better. I was 9 when I had chicken pox, so I guess it must be worse when you have them later. I hope you have already had them. Sending healing vibes toward your household.

  4. mavis says:

    Yikes! Was it straight up chicken pox, or the nastier adult version, shingles? That’s such a painful condition!
    Either way, I’m glad he’s feeling better, and that he had you to take care of him – Marcus was sick most of last week (though not nearly as bad), so I got to flex my nursing muscles, too.
    Heard news coverage about the March today and thought of you. Love,

  5. strawberry jelly says:

    I was listening to ABBA on the way into work – and even though I’ve never heard or seen that illiteration of that word before, I totally think we’re in sync here 🙂

  6. Vickie says:

    Okay, I may be running a bit late, but here’s a bit of unsolicited advice from an old mom who has been around the block with the pox a time or two. As his scabs are healing, soak the boy in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath. It helps with itching/discomfort & aids healing.

    Also, it will help to give him a double dose of Vitamin E capsules for awhile to give the skin a fighting chance.

    Hope he feels better soon.


  7. MyssK says:

    AHHH! Adult chicken pox are terrible… not that you don’t KNOW that of course. *hugs* Glad he is doing better now! You are such a good wife. 🙂

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