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Travel Dog’s Travel Tips

I recently had a fabulous time flying with my dog, Buttercup. But in preparing for the trip, I found nothing but horror stories and heartbreaking posts on message boards all over the internet. Not helpful! I needed some friendly advice about how to best prepare for flying with a pet, and couldn’t find much. So, …

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Habit Patterns

I dearly love watching and writing about classroom films of the 1950s and 1960s. I’ve written about them here and there, and decided to collect my far-flung bits into a Short of the Week feature. Because why not.

Kicking off is one of my absolute favorites, Habit Patterns, from 1954. It’s a fifteen-minute exploration in shame and conforming, wrapped in a veneer of grooming and time management instruction.

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A Place Called Home

Today, I submitted my final project for graduate school. With this, I’ve finished my last class – a course on Audio Documentary production. It’s now onward to the Comp Exam, and hopefully, graduation! For this project, I was so very fortunate to have three lovely people share with me their stories about moving, growing, and …