Nosferatu (1922)

My Instagram Post 06 October 2019

After my @bbcfleabag interlude last night, I did watch something for #monthofmadness: this silent classIc I have somehow missed all these years. Friends, there are genuinely creepy moments here…and I also nodded off.

I’ve seen a lot of clips before – first there was @nightflightofficial on what I believe was Halloween night, 1987. After getting home trick or treating (for what was the last time of my childhood) with my awesome friend @anitrajackson96, my parents said goodnight and I settled in to watch the mesmerizing randomness of Night Flight all alone – still in my costume, mind you. In between videos for Maxwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me and the Transylvanians doing the Time Warp (another first for me), Max Schreck (2) popped up with those eyes. A good introduction!

Eyes, in case you haven’t realized it, are very important in vampire movies.

So, I’ve seen clips but never the whole film before. Despite my snoozing, it’s still effective. The score was fairly period (pipe organ Bach) and the set design and costuming are really rich in detail. It’s Schreck’s Count Dracula who really makes this work, though. Such a weird character design, such a freaky face, such great stiff and off-kilter body language. And when he looks right at YOU (3)…imagine being a filmgoer in 1922 with very few cinema monsters or horrors under your belt, attending the cinema only to see that?! I honestly prefer it to Caligari if we’re talking silent horror. And now I’m going to have to watch the Herzog/Kinski remake, aren’t I?

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