Fangs (1989)

My Instagram Post 04 October 2019

A fun accidental screen pause from tonight’s feature, Fangs (2). This was fine. A fun hour of my evening. Nothing earth shattering here; no new info. Fangs is a very 1989 catalog of depictions of Count Dracula on film, hosted by a very charming and game Veronica Carlson(3) (yes, we saw her last night as well – She stars in a couple of Hammer classics, including a favorite of mine, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, 1968).

The whole thing feels very much like the VHS it was no doubt released on, there we lots of close ups of eyes (4) and I didn’t hate it. Veronica puts up with various costume changes and even being tied to the stake at one point, all while melodiously delivering some fairly silly narration (“We Victorian ladies happily opened our nightgowns for Count Dracula…”) If nothing else, this doc served to remind me of a couple of films I hope to add to the roster this month (Frank Langella, I’m coming for you).

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