My Bloody Valentine (1981)

My Instagram Post 06 October 2019

So much Moosehead Beer. So much. This film is better than it has any right to be. Same Halloween ripoff formula, same coupling off and dispatching of young adults, it’s even set on a holiday.

Yet it works, maybe because it’s Canadian and they seem to be quality craftsmen? Also OMG I’ve seen it before but somehow didn’t realize we have DON FRANCKS as the sheriff. OMG WHAT. I might be one of the biggest Don Francks superfans out there! He was Mr. Anybody from early, early seasons of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. He was a great actor with a beautiful jazz voice. So fun to see him again, and he’s really great here and SORRY SPOILER doesn’t die!

Blog bonus! Please take a couple minutes to watch the man on an early 50s Canadian variety show. So charming!