Fall of 2012, I created this video for a course on Fan Studies in my graduate program. The assignment was to produce a “fan video” – a re-edit of the original text. I cut together approximately fifty clips from The Monkees television show, highlighting their use of recurring gags. Some are quips and re-used joke dialogue, some are sight gag and physical comedy, and a few are recurring plot gags.

I was inspired to track running gags in the The Monkees when I was researching Monkees fandom online for another assignment. In that process, I discovered a tumblr blog (and subsequent book) run by a Monkees fan and fanfic author. The tumblr was partially devoted to an episode recapping project, and the recaps include notes of reused and recycled materials in the shows.

As an obsessive fan and re-watcher from the VHS era, I was very familiar with these running gags and jokes, and it was a delight to find that not only did at least one other fan notice them, but she had gone so far as to catalog them. As I considered what to produce for my fan video, the idea of seeing this catalog of running jokes in video form appealed to me. Thus, the Running Gag Super Cut was born. Please enjoy!


ps. I got an A.

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