Getting Scared


Oh yes, it’s happening.

This is how it worked in previous years:

  • I must watch one film every day. A day without a horror film will effectively end the experiment.
  • The film must be well within the “horror” genre – no mystery, no suspense, no chicks in prison. “Thrillers” are marginally acceptable, but must have a body count of at least two.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 films are acceptable, but again, the film must fall within the horror genre. Just having Mike/Joel and the Bots along does not automatically qualify a film. The same goes for other hosted shows, like Svengoolie, Commander USA and The WOW Monster Show.
  • I must write a capsule review for each film and post it here. I will even use a silly rating system.
  • A film started before midnight but ending after the calendar has turned to the next day counts for the day on which the film started. That’s fair, isn’t it?
  • Watching a film PornStyle™ – that is to say fast forwarding through the slow stuff to get to the good bits – is acceptable IF I have seen the film before in its entirety, at regular speed. However, this can only be used three times during the month.
  • No repeating a film during the month…unless I absolutely have to.
  • *new for 2009! Horror-themed Wii games may be deemed acceptable if played for a really, really long time in one setting.  Maybe.

Yes, we have a billion + seven things going on and yes, we are in the middle of a rough fight against that darn feline lymphoma (again, did I mention?) but I consulted with Lanty and he was kind of ticked at the idea that I would suspend my yearly project just because he has to have chemo once a week.  And I do not want to tick him off.

So, here we go, kittens.  Movie suggestions are welcome.  I am ready for love, Dr. Jones.

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  1. MsMelly says:

    Meg is back! And this time it’s personal. I’ll try to think of movie suggestions, but I can’t promise anything. Looking forward to a month of madness!

    Yay! Halloween!

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