Dracula Sequels

The last four days have been a cascade of Dracula/vampire sequels from Hammer. I know you know this already, but I really love (vintage) vampires; however, my unvarnished adoration could not save Kiss of The Vampire, a 1963 non-Dracula tale, from the hokey-est ending this side of a corn patch. Oh merciful heavens, the bats. I still don’t know what even happened but suddenly the movie was over?


This one has a vampire cult headed by an overwrought Dracula-substitute who looks like Harold Ramis playing an early season SCTV forgettable character. There were some interesting elements of claustrophobic gaslighting here after the handsome mannequin’s wife disappeared – or did she even exist? Not a total clunker, but it wasn’t …good. Definitely didn’t stand up to its compatriots, which is at least partially due to the lack of Christopher Lee who makes anything that much better by being in it.