Dracula Prince of Darkness (1966)

My Instagram Post 14 October 2019

This film is one of the Hammer Dracula sequels that spanned nearly 15 years, and the first with Christopher Lee since 1958. It’s great to have Lee back in the role (the first sequel was 1960’s Brides of Dracula, and it’s a good film on its own, though takes a small turn away from the Count himself and Lee doesn’t appear).

Interesting to note this is the only one in which he doesn’t speak at all. There’s also no dashing Peter Cushing as Van Helsing to make things right; instead we have a hard-drinking monk who is the only hope for four travelers from London who happen upon the Count’s castle in a far flung part of …Germany? It’s never clear, but I always enjoy that about these Hammer vampire films.

As always, the set design is almost distractingly good, and the performances are fantastic. If you’re into this film at all, I recommend grabbing the blu-ray as if features a behind the scenes short with interviews from two of the surviving cast members. Charming, lovely people, Hammer studio actors.