Dracula (1958)

If you saw my instagram story, you know what I watched last night. Will go into detail next week but this is an all-time great adaptation of Dracula. In the podcast, I forgot to mention the charismatic Michael Gough as Arthur Holmwood. Here he’s Lucy’s brother and married to Mina, which is a sort of tidier way to sort things out, rather than being one of the multiple suitors in the novel. And since (spoiler) Jonathan Harker doesn’t make it out of the first act, Holmwood takes the 2nd male hero role – and he’s not a Boring Mannequin! We may have shed that trope for good now. And like most of Hammer’s stable of performers, Gough is too good on screen to be boring.

True there’s no Renfield in this version, and maybe that’s for the best, since no one can top Dwight Frye. Someday I’d love to spend a month watching and comparing versions of Dracula. Why can’t I get a job doing this?