Closing The Gap

Read this today-

from The Associated Press:
Updated: 12:41 p.m. ET May 21, 2004NEW YORK – Under pressure from
investors to find new ways to grow its business, Gap Inc. says its
lower-priced Old Navy chain will launch a plus-sized women’s
clothing line in July.

The new plus-size line is among the first of a series of initiatives
by Gap to grow its sales in the wake of a successful corporate
turnaround that has been “all about getting business back on stable
ground,” President and Chief Executive Paul Pressler told analysts
in a Thursday conference call.

Can I get an amen?! I’ve been writing to them, suggesting this, for some time.

This is totally a win-win, Gap. Get ready for a huge influx of cash from a loyal and, well, large customer base. It’s about fucking time.


  1. MyssK says:

    Yeah no kidding! And Old Navy has had supposed plu sizes for a while, but they run so damn SMALL! I wear a 16 to an 18 normally, but I can hardly fit into ON 20s sometimes!

    I will be interested to see if the clothes will all be for women over 5’9″ as well.. ON has problems with a lot of length in the legs too. Hmm… color me skeptical til I see the evidence! 😉


  2. mavis says:

    I have noticed recently that their sizes run up to 20 inmany things – I am so glad to hear they are embracing the plus. Which just means more to love, baby,

  3. strawberry jelly says:

    Maybe I’ll saunter in there again. Maybe I’ll wait till you are here to go with me 🙂

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