Hi, I’m Megan, a writer with a bent toward cultural commentary and analysis. I write about the interesting place where media and culture meet, and how they influence and shape each other. From detailed academic research to offbeat stories about the world around me, I hope to entertain and enlighten you about the culture that shapes us.

Why do I write?

Here’s the thing: we take in media just like we take in food. We do. But while you probably have an app to track what you ate for breakfast, we don’t often take the time to think about how our media intake affects the way the think, feel, or perhaps even behave.

And it does affect us, in small ways and in subtle, gradual, yet significantly impactful ways. How much tv did you watch this week? This month? Like the hidden sugar in soda, or the surprising amount of sand in peanut butter, you might not realize what you take in when you binge something on Netflix.

I’m not here to tell you to stop watching. I love a good MASH marathon as much as the next gal. But I am here to help us all think about what we watch, and what the people who want us to watch it  might be adding in with the laugh track.

I call it Media Nutrition, and it’s about knowing what you watch, absorb, and believe.

What else do I do?

My daytime hat is that of an Instructional Designer. I sometimes dabble in web design and cake decorating. In that order.