Mission Impossible

I’m obsessed with the movie Ghost right now.

I know.
I know.

It’s a pretty bad film.

The holes in the plot are big enough to drive an El train through, and Patrick Swayze has all of three facial expressions to work with, but darn it, there’s something compelling about it.

Especially with AMC showing it about every ten minutes or so. It’s unavoidable, and it’s driving me crazy with its unmet potential. I mean – love that knows not the boundaries of life and death! ‘How to’ lessons in being a ghost! Tony Goldwyn! All of these elements were dressed up (or undressed, in Goldwyn’s case), trotted out, and summarily forgotten in favor of pumping up the leading man status of the not-so leading man.

I’m glad, at least, that Whoopi Goldberg got something out of it, even if her Oscar&#174 was really a consolation prize for being shafted in 1985.

So, I want to save Ghost. I want to re-write it, darn the holes, and find a duo with more chemistry than an eighth grade lab science class.

Say, me & Gary Sinese?

Hollywood, you’ve got my number.


  1. strawberry jelly

    Made my way here (didn’t even have to stop and ask directions). You rock – love this place. It’s so cool. Adult drinks? Absolutely. Very soon. Love you *hugs*

  2. Moon

    Damn, you’re clever! Looove reading your stuff! The site is just too darling for words! Thank you thank you for creating it and honoring me with the link!

  3. MyssK

    Yaaaaaaay 🙂 I love your new site and I am thrilled for you. I think it is a great move. I have you bookmarked and will look in on you, you beautiful, smart, sexy, sharp-witted woman!

  4. Mavis

    I love your welcome page. I love the design of this joint. I love that you did this for yourself. I love Gary Sinise. I love the word love this morning, apparently.

  5. Wil

    Speaking of movies, I picked-up a bit of a classic myself.. Albeit a bit testosterone-heavy, but still I couldn’t resist getting “The Good, Bad & the Ugly” for under 10 bucks! Props & praises to the site & the Chicago Crew.

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